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Unable to Unsubscribe

Description - Unable to Unsubscribe from SlidesAI

I initially signed up for a trial version of SlidesAI on However, during the process, I was unexpectedly upgraded to a paid subscription, costing $11.09 per month. I intended to cancel this subscription before the end of the 30-day trial period.

I've attempted for numerous hours to cancel my subscription ever since, but to no avail.

Despite this issue, the company has charged me for the monthly subscription, which I last used in November.

When I sought assistance, a customer service bot directed me, asking repetitive questions without resolving the issue.

The bot suggests cancelling the subscription, but after spending hours on the website, I still cannot find a way to unsubscribe.

Further research on Trustpilot revealed that many others are facing similar problems.'s Office Location

Judd House
18-29 Mora Street
United Kingdom

Company Information

  • Market Limited
  • Address: Same as above


  • Grzegorz Szewxzyk (Total number of company appointments 828)
  • Edwina Coales (Total number of company appointments 1301)
  • Waris Khan (Total number of company appointments 1053)
  • Compamanies House Information's Company Profile
  • Market Ltd. was listed as dormant up to 30 April 2023

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  • February 27, 2024 11:10 pm local time

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